Ready set go new Dynamics AX

I was contemplating these last weeks some of the questions that my colleagues (not the ones in the office, but overall acquaintances) were passing around, of course related to the way we should do things in AX, and that got me thinking. With the new version of AX present on scene and us as AX developers finally having the pleasure of moving to a full throttle modern IDE (I can only jump with joy here), I realized that some getting used to the new coding standards that Visual Studio brings to the table in relation to the AX development will be required. At the end of the day, I can only be happy with this, since some things in the old MorphX were starting to show their age. Also, in the past coding in X++ sometimes was only looked at from a business point of view, and the little hacks or dirty coding was allowed, overlooked, or even encouraged. Now, that we have Visual Studio as the main tool to drive the product, I can only hope that the wild wild west will be a thing of the past.
On the other hand, we should not forget where we are coming from and how the product evolved, and always use the experience we gather so far to help us be better programmers, much more rigorous, and tenacious.
This is just my opinion, a programmer's point of view on how moving to Visual Studio as the only IDE for AX will help us write better quality code.

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