Monitor your instance for accidental changes

You know when you have a test instance, and out of the blue users report something is not working as before. One of the probable reasons for this (of course, there are many more) is someone made a change on another model / layer that is not getting noticed, and may overshadow good code or create a different behavior.

Unchanged objects in USR after compiling

For sure you have meet this issue before: after compiling the code, you get objects in the current layer (most likely USR) that are showing as changed although when doing a compare you have no differences (or so it says). I just got it again today and recall to mention it for whoever is looking for a reason.

Keep your Compiler level set to 3

This is just a helper I used over the years to reset my compiler level from 4 back to 3; I believe it's still going to help some of you with those long waiting minutes when compiling a project that has a significant number of objects, when the TFS policy changes the Compiler level automatically to 4.
I do this and then run Check BP from the Add-ins menu when I choose.

Manage installed KBs for .Net Framework

Friendly reminder on how to find the .Net installed on your machine and manage it. Tested this on only 4.5+ versions and Windows 2012 servers, so not sure if it works everywhere.

Obtain restore info for your database

Had to find out when a database was last restored (and from what locatgion) and looking online discovered this T-Sql script:

Getting unexpected shutdowns on the AX7 virtual machine

Working with the standard virtual machines released by Microsoft you might experience like I have shutdowns of the machine (unexpected shutdowns I might say). Looking in the event viewer you will however notice this: "The license period for this installation of Windows has expired.  The operating system will shutdown every hour.".

Obtain sql information about an object

Sometime you need to understand what takes up the space in your database, so a quite useful T-Sql script for discovering that is: