Unchanged objects in USR after compiling

For sure you have meet this issue before: after compiling the code, you get objects in the current layer (most likely USR) that are showing as changed although when doing a compare you have no differences (or so it says). I just got it again today and recall to mention it for whoever is looking for a reason.

So, at least at the Forms level, this is simple: new fields added in standard Field Groups, that are not refreshed in the form on the development layer, whatever that would be; the compiler detects them and has to create the nodes in the form on the current layer, when compiling.
The fix, easy: open the client on the proper layer/model and just do a compile on the form (when it's not already on the higher layer - because if it is, then this won't create the controls in the layer anymore, and you would have to cleanup first).

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