Getting the dataset1_parmParameter parameter is missing a value message

Working on a SSRS report and getting this error when you are running it: "The 'Dataset1_parmParameter' parameter is missing a value". If this is the case, there are multiple scenarios that you can find yourself into, but the most standard one is that you have a parameter defined in the Parameters section of the report (in Visual Studio of course) that is not getting its value.

First note, is that we have two Parameters sections in your SSRS report. One is under the Datasets\YourDataset node, the other directly under the report root node. The later one contains the actual SSRS report's parameters. Those are the ones that are complaining.

Now, the issue could be either that you are not passing any value, or the AX parameter was removed.

The first cause, might be when you are not displaying the dialog to enter values for your report (parmShowDialog set to false in the controller). In this case, you have the option to set the Allow Blank property for the parameter to true. This will allow your report to run without a value for the parameter. Do not forget to Deploy the report if you are making changes such as property changes.

The second issue, might be losing the reference to the AX parameter. If you look at your AX parameters (the first place where you have your parameters mentioned above), you will notice a property named Report parameter. That is the relation between your AX parameter and the SSRS parameter. It might be with the renaming of the parameters that a relation was lost, so check that.

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