Understanding the length of Names EDTs

I stumbled some weeks ago over what you could call a normal issue, and although it looks like one should be aware of this, sometimes it fails to be obvious. I was getting a "Data would be truncated" message on committing a record in a standard flow (working with the workers, or something in that area).

Looking at the data that would be saved, how the data was being inserted, I got to the EDTs that the fields were using.

Of course, the problem was crystal clear: one was using Name, which I had bumped previously to 200 chars, while the other was using DirPartyName, which was still 100.

The fix is simple (and might be considered an advice): keep the two EDTs in sync, since there are places in standard that are doing assignments between fields using these types. You never know when these errors will be thrown in a day to day usage of the system.

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