SSRS reports erroring on terminal services machine

So, you're developing SSRS reports, and you have your AX installation infrastructure distributed on two machines: one is hosting the AOS, SQL Server, SSRS, any server components, and another running Terminal Services for your consultants to connect and test the developments. One of items to be tested are SSRS reports.

However, when running the reports they are getting either this error message "For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors", or similar to this informing them that there is an error in the report.
So, of course the obvious thing is that if you would go on the server machine and run there the client / report you would be able to see the error. If this is not an easy option, here is a possible fix for troubleshooting (finding the error).

Just have an admin connect to the server machine, open SSMS, connect to the Reporting Services (not the Database Engine), go to Properties (of the server), Advanced tab, and search for EnableRemoteErrors, which should be set to True.

Running the report now will give the error in clear.

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