Getting Failed to create a session message at Synchronize (II)

Blogged about this issue last month, after couple of years of trying to find a fix that will always work and get us to the desired result of not seeing the error. Turns out, my post at did not necessarily fixed the problem, as I discovered: several days after blogging I found myself in the same situation and I wasn't able to pass the issue.

However, by now I was actually eager to find any way to solve it, so, I looked at the PARTITIONS table, just to realize that we are never using any of the two other records (ext or ps), only the initial.

So, why not just delete the other two records? Did that, and after an AOS restart and one DB Sync process I was presented only with the warning DB Sync infolog (configuration keys not enabled), but no errors.

Could this be the fix?

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