URL parameters to view EP pages in Edit mode

I always stumble across this task when doing EP development, and always have to go to a cookbook or other resources to find this. So, the answer for forcing a page to display in Edit mode when you have the ribbon hidden or anything like this, since I had to recall this hours ago.

So, first you get your URL: you can do this by actually opening any link in EP and depending if it's a popup window or not, you either have the URL in the browser address bar, or if not, right click on the newly opened popup page, select Properties and copying the entire URL Adress you have in your popup window, then pasting it in a new browser.
Now the change is to append this to the URL: ?ToolPaneView=2&PageMode=edit and navigate.
This will open the page in Edit mode directly, so this way you will see the controls.

Many thanks to the SharePoint bloggers that are sharing this with us.

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