Using the Type hierarchy browser tool

Today, let us talk about a tool not so often used in AX 2012, although very important and meaningful. It has to do with OOP and class inheritance. A topic which in the new Dynamics AX context will be daily used (more on that in another post).

So, this time let us review the AX 2012 tool that can be found in the Tools menu or in the Add-ins: Type hierarchy browser. Opening it when your selection in the AOT is a class will display a tree structure with the base classes your object inherits and the child classes that are extending it further, if, of course, any.

Why this is useful? Well, this would be a long answer, but the short version is that it allows you to see at a glance the methods that are being overridden (implemented in higher classes) and will give you the best picture of what will execute in a specific case when working with a certain instance of a class.

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