Debug a SysOperation class with the Xpp debugger

Implementing a SysOperation class (to build a service) and want to debug the code fast, but unable to, in order to pinpoint any immediate issues in the business logic flow (using the Xpp AX debugger, and not Visual Studio, as you would normally do by following the Try this:
1. disable the Execute business operations in CIL checkbox from the Tools -> Options -> Development; (I am not a fan of doing this frequently since you may miss some other important aspects of how the code runs, but as I mentioned for troubleshooting basic operations I think this is fine);
2.  create a new menu item (duplicate the one) that is calling your service entry point and set its properties like: EnumTypeParameter set to SysOperationExecutionMode and EnumParameter to Synchronous - do this if you are calling the service class directly from the menu item without a controller. If you are using a controller, then where you set the controller's class and method, set as well the properties mentioned above.

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