Getting strange behavior working with CIL

Last days I was working with some CIL involved tasks, and I noticed some strange behavior: the code was not executing as it should be (seemed the Generate CIL) didn't work, had to perform Generate full CIL when Incremental should be enough, or when doing Generate incremental CIL the process seemed to get stuck with no apparent reason.

Decided to get the components stopped, for a machine memory cleanup (as a side note: when doing Generate CIL quite frequently during the days, take some minutes from time to time to restart the SQL and AOS, if not the entire machine - it will save you precious time later), and noticed only at that moment the second Ax32Serv.exe process that was in Suspended state.

I am not sure 100% that this was the reason for the strange behavior, but after clearing that process, Ax started to work normally.          

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