Getting DA3001 error message in MPOS

Another way to resolve this is this time very simple: if you are seeing this error in the MPOS UI, and you go to the Event Viewer and there are no events from a Retail Server source, then for sure you have a simpler issue.

This is the Retail Server URL you have entered is wrong, for sure. Just copy it and browse it in a web browser. If valid it should let you know that it wants to download a v1 file, but this will not happen. Just correct this and it will work.


  1. Hello Iulian,

    I'm facing the same error. I've checked and although the url is valid (a v1 file is downloaded, when using the url in a browser), the mPOS is unable to reach the server and this message keeps popping up. I've tested with another retail server (in a different machine, with a different domain) and the mpos can successfully reach it. So it seems to be related with this particular Retail Server instance. Also, Event Viewer don't create no entry at all for this error.

    Any other suggestion you might have?

  2. Hi Luis,

    I recall being in a place like the one you are describing and I know I did something else, just don't recall what exactly. Can you like try to debug the communication it happens between the MPOS and Retail (of course using Fiddler and if you can run it)? So, not debugging the MPOS itself, but parsing the communication.
    Also, this happens in the Initialization phase of the MPOS or later in the process? If it's the former, what step is it hanging on?