Column displays unretrieved as its value

I think most of you experienced getting unretrieved as the value on a column.
Here are some of the possible reasons for this and how to correct them:

 a) you have null values on those rows in the database; this might be, for instance, the case when you got your data as a result of a Data upgrade - just get the correct values in;

 b) you have a CountryRegionCode set on  your column; as a result if you are having a different value in your Options this can cause the value not to be displayed;

 c) you just added the fields, and although you performed a DB Sync they are not properly taking in their values; to avoid the stress, just close the client, restart the AOS, and you should see the values in your fields - I've experienced this a few times, I think it has to do with the caching of the objects, etc; if you however, don't have time to perform an AOS restart, you can just try to do a Caches -> Refresh  dictionary and Caches -> Refresh elements.

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