Version Control Utils - AX 2012 - Reset object versioning status in AX

I am working with TFS, not sure if this applies to all version control systems, but if you got yourself the following error: "The file %1 was not correctly imported to the model store in a previous synchronization. Any updates of the file is blocked from AX. Open Version Control, Synchronization log to re-import the file." and "%1 is already checked out to ." (with no user mentioned) then you have not completed the (TFS) synchronization properly or something 'got lost' on the way.

To be able to continue, I am always doing this:

static void ResetSynced(Args _args)
    SysVersionControlSynchronizeLog     log;

    update_recordSet log
        setting Processed = NoYes::Yes
        where log.Processed == NoYes::No

                  // && log.ItemPath == @'\AOT_Entire_Path_Copied';


I am not saying that this is the proper way to fix the error, you might end up in other types of inconsistencies, but if you know what you are doing this will help you just fine.

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