Batch Jobs - AX 2012 - Won't Run Troubleshoot

 I needed to have the Workflow message processing batch job running, but it seemed to be stuck ...
 So, in order to have it running properly, I took a look at all the other jobs ...

 Some of them had different statuses like Executing or Error from quite some time and I think that was causing the entire batch system to stop. I tried to pinpoint the exact problem, but since that was only my development machine and needed a particular batch job to run, I decided to clear everything and just recreate the workflow job. I initially tried to delete them from AX, but as you know some statuses do not allow a job to be deleted, so I went directly to SQL.

 The solution (SQL script):

 use MicrosoftDynamicsAX
 delete from BatchJob
 delete from Batch


  1. Hi Iulian,

    i have a same issue like this. I have create and configure the workflow followed from the tutorial TechNet. after i run the Workflow infrastructure configuration the system create 3 record in the Batch Jobs form.
    1. Workflow message processing
    2. Workflow due date processing
    3. Workflow line-item notifications
    but the Start date/time is not running properly... for example, current date/time is 14/01/2015 14:58:20 ...the record is showed me 13/01/2015 10:23:10

    do you have any suggestion for me?

  2. Hi Husna,

    Sorry for the late reply, keeping busy. Have you found the answer to this? If not, can I assist you further?

  3. Husna --- check for the timezone difference.