AX client crash - AX 2012 - Corrupted objects

 Already encountered by now several times when the client just stopped abruptly into a fatal error when trying to perform an action on some object.

Initially i thought it was something wrong with the source control, but it crashes on even the simple action, like:
 - try to compile or open a view, client crashed;
 - try to compile or open a form, client crashed;
 - try to import a listpage, client crashed;

I realized that the object might be corrupted (not sure what this would actually mean, but, a simple translation would say wrong values in the sql record for object), so I tried to reimport the object using the AOT Import (this is where you should look for the previous working version of the object's xpo). To my surprise this as well will not work, since it tried to compile the existing object and stopped again.

 So, (one of) the solution(s) - of course, probably there are a few more other ways to tackle this:

 Path_to_AX_Client\Bin\Ax32.exe -AOTImportFile=Path_To_Object'sXPO -NoCopileOnImport

 Hope you find this useful.


  1. This rescued me from a similar problem, thanks!

  2. Not working for me, still CTD at performing action to an object.

  3. Finally I found that you can open that "corrupted objects" with the model elements list. Then I made some changes, compiled and after that I was able to delete that from the AOT.

    Hope it can help anyone.

  4. You are referring to the Tools -> Model management -> Model elements form? I am not using this that often but I can see that this also opens up an AOT window with the element, which would also cause the crash (I believe). However, will try it the next time I get this. Thanks for sharing.